“I’m so happy that I had a chance to be apart of it.”

Shelita Burke
Data Scientist - Guest

The You’re The Future of Music Seminars with Manu Taylor was a transformative artist educational experience. I was introduced to the many facets of Maori creativity and it really opened my heart.  I’m so happy that I had a chance to be apart of it. It was my first time in New Zealand and it was such a magical experience.



ny opportunity to be together and learn together is hugely welcome.”

Ninakaye Taane

The reality of the NZ music industry is such, that in the last decade or so that I’ve been managing my brother Tiki Taane, the opportunities to upskill or learn are few and far between, therefore always greatly appreciated.

There is no existing Music Management course or education programme available in Aotearoa for people who would like to learn this side of the mahi. Pretty much, as NZ artists (and certainly as Maori artists), aside from occasional industry forums and sessions, we learn on the job, and it’s a case of sink or swim (hence why there is a huge lack of us nationwide).

The other reality is, that while there is a lot of support and love amongst us nationwide as artists and whanau (family), as music managers we are typically working at home from our computers and phones, in an isolated environment, and hence the reason any opportunity to be together and learn together is hugely welcome.

So yes, as you can guess, it was awesome to be reconnected with whanau as well as to meet new whanau, to be inspired by our manuwhiri (guests) from overseas, and in the beautiful rohe (area) of Ngati Whatua ki Kaipara. Safe to say we all left our first day with our minds pretty blown. I’m now back at the hotel with homework on my mind lol and feeling amped to return for more in the morning!


“The level of mentorship and experience was highly valued.”

Seth Hapu

A highlight was the implementation of kaupapa driven values such as kotahitanga and whanaungatanga. Creating a space where every voice is valued allowed for diverse perspectives and a community-centric approach.

The level of mentorship and experience was highly valued. Having direct access to knowledge from industry experts ensured that the information was relevant, current and well informed. 

Having smaller focus groups fostered high quality discussions and encouraged a non-threatening and open environment. The approach also fostered a higher relational value between participants. 

Holding the event at a rural location was another highlight as it broke down the stereotypical confines of a typical workshop venue.